About Heavenly Care Carpet

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There are no hidden charges with Heavenly Care, as you may find with other companies. We guarantee any product or service performed by us. If a problem comes up call 832-877-5502 and we will correct it.

As a company, we have technicians certified by the IICRC. The IICRC sets the standards for the entire industry in the areas of inspection, cleaning, disaster restoration and certification. We have a very high standard for the products and equipment that we use. When it comes to health, safety, the environment, and quality, we choose CHEM-TEX. For over 20 years, all of our cleaning products and equipment have been purchased through them.

Carpet Stains or Spills

When a liquid is spilled on your carpet, removal results are best when treatment is immediate, before the stain can set. It is best not to spray household cleaning products on your carpet, and sponging with water will dilute stains, instead use a wet cloth.

We do a deep and thorough carpet cleaning.  A carpet that is not cleaned thoroughly and only surface cleaned will retain dirt and soap. We use only the finest cleaning products on all of our work. Harsh chemicals remove the protectors put on the carpet by the manufacturers. These help to guard  against high traffic soil and spot & spills. You will notice the difference if these are removed.

Our Services and Prices are Complete

We use only professional truck mounted units for more power and better cleaning. With Heavenly Care Carpet, you will receive only the best when it comes to carpet cleaning and restoration!

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